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Planning a Small Wedding in 5 Months

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Tony and I got engaged in May 2017. We didn't start planning a wedding until June 2018. The date we chose? November 9th 2018. 5 short months later.

At the beginning of the year, I wasn't thinking about planning a wedding myself, or even having one. We didn't have a date, a time, a venue, or an even an idea that a wedding was going to happen this year. In all honesty, I thought if we were going to get married this year, we'd be eloping in a local park, or going downtown with a witness to the courthouse. But, when we talked about it, me at the kitchen sink, and Tony on the other side of the kitchen bar, we decided that we would get married this year. In November. We decided this in June.

We made this stress ourselves, don't get me wrong. No one told us to plan a wedding in 5 months--that was all us. But, at the same time, we thrive on time constraints and on stress. Or, at least our track record says we do. What is making this whole thing stressful is the thought that planning it is all on us. Thankfully, we found a venue that comes with a day-of coordinator (thank the gods), and our wedding is small, but dang, my whole head is in planning mode, and it's pretty insane. Could I hire extra help? Totally. Will they be of help this far into the process? Probably not...

We already have sent out invitations, received RSVPs, have a venue, have a photographer--but the whole logistics of weddings are freaking me out. So, I want to bring you along with me with the planning of my wedding.

T-minus 47 days.