Who Am I? And, How Did I Get Here?

A collage of two photos side by side of Katie, a white brunette woman with round glasses. The left photo is Katie with her long wavy hair in a pony tail on top of her head looking off to the right of frame, wearing a colorful swimsuit top in front of a beach. The left photo is Katie wearing a brown panama hat and an ochre top with flowers around her in a city setting.

Who am I and how did I get here?

I'm Katie--sometimes Kate, rarely Kat--but always Katie. I'm a mid-twenties millennial mingling in the Midwest US, who loves hats, scarves and tights. The middle parts are debatable and always changing.

When I'm not binge watching competition cooking shows, I'm usually grocery shopping (a hidden pleasure of mine), singing to every song I know that plays, and looking up apartment prices of another city. What's hometown love if you don't love somewhere else, too?

So, how did a girl like me end up in a place like this?

This isn't my first blog rodeo. I blogged on Katie Like Me for 7 years, and Tumblr for 9. I've Livejournalled, I've Blogspotted and I've Wordpressed and here I am! Doing it all over again!

Why a new blog?

You know when you start a job and you have endless optimism for you and that job's future? And, then, as you go along, you fall out of love with the job, and you decide to get a new one? That's what this is. Same job, different company. Or, different blog, same company.

I'm happy you stopped by, I hope you stay awhile!

Who Am I? And, How Did I Get Here?