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Wedding Planning Round Up - September 2018

September Wedding Planning Round-Up |

Happy October! Here is the round up of all of the wedding related accomplishments of September!
Wedding rings have been purchased, sized, and delivered! 
This was a feat all in it's own. I originally wanted our bands to match, but that didn't end up happening, but I don't really mind, surprisingly! As long as he wears a ring he likes, that's all that matters.

Wedding dress has been bought, fitted and delivered!

Finding a dress wasn't as hard as I had originally imagined. I have watched a lot of Say Yes to the Dress in my life, and I always thought you'd need to try on multiple dresses to get that feeling, or to get an understanding of what that "Bridal" moment is supposed to feel like. Nope. That's not what happened.

I knew I owned the PERFECT top for my wedding, and I just needed a skirt, and I found the most perfect tulle skirt to match almost immediately. I didn't go to a bridal salon or even try anything on. Weird.

Tony's tuxedo has been custom created, sewn, and is on it's way to us now!
We decided to go a custom route for Tony's tux, verses a rental, so he can have something he himself loves. I love it, it's the perfect tux for him and I love how easy the experience was for him to get it custom created.

We have a cake!

Or, rather, we have a bakery.  2 tiers, semi naked, ugh, love love love. 
Only a month and a few days to go!

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