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A Weekend of Baking

I'm not a baker, in fact, I'm someone who enjoys savory more than sweet, but it's berry season and it's a shame to not whip up some goodies.

It's purely coincidental that Bon Apetit uploaded a video recipe for a cherry biscuit cobbler the same day I went grocery shopping and saw organic blueberries on sale. It's not a coincidence, however, that I used the recipe to make a blueberry biscuit cobbler and the next day, a strawberry one. I can make biscuits, I know how to macerate fruit, so it was an easy experience!

I then made a chocolate banana bread because I had over ripened bananas and near expiration date cocoa powder I needed to get rid of, so I popped that into a loaf pan and an hour later, came out with a delicious after dinner treat.

I never expected to bake this weekend, let alone every day this weekend, but it was therapeutic in a way. Admittedly, I've been tired and uninspired this month, and I think that baking may have jump started my creativity. Who would have thought it would have taken flour, butter and fruit?

This is a departure from my normal outfit posts, but I really wanted to share my weekend activities!

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