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First Feeling of Fall

Fall is here and Mother Nature has had temps in the 60s and you already know I'm in love. I thrive in colder weather.

I bought this dress in May because I had pined over it and pinned it on Pinterest last fall and I needed it, but didn't want to spend a lot. So, when it went on sale in May I grabbed it up, fully knowing I wasn't going to wear it before the weather cooled down. It's been sitting there, patiently waiting for me to don it nearly 5 months later.

I wanted to toy with having a semi-monochromatic look, however, I lack a hat in that perfect shade for this outfit. So, I went for a brown and black ensemble.

Can we talk about how much of a pain a linen dress is? Gorgeous and timeless, but so wrinkly. I don't know if that adds to the allure of linen or if it's a deterrent. I'm still in total love with this dress.

Tony and I took a trip downtown to just hang out and enjoy early Fall in the city. It's been a while since we headed downtown, so it was a long time coming. We ate a late lunch outside at a local cafe and felt the chilly breeze as we dined. Such a perfect way to spend a Saturday afternoon in early Fall.

Can you believe there is only 41 days until we're married? Time is flying and I am FREAKING OUT. But, days like this help to keep my anxiety in check.

Old Forever 21 Hat
Old Neck Scarf
Old Roolee Dress (similar)
Target shoes

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