The Katie Edit

    a curated collection of items from a particular season or feature.

    The Katie Edit is an is an outlet of stylistic creativity geared towards those who love personal style, the fashion industry and day-to-day life. The site serves as a collection of my favorite things: writing, fashion and being dramatic. 

    I'm Katie, a personal style blogger hailing from the doesn't-touch-an-ocean American Heartland. I am a self-proclaimed skirt devotee, hat connoisseur and lipstick aficionado, with a love for all things science fiction and bargain shopping. Here you'll find me wearing hats, swooning over sleeves, and loving pleats. 

    When I'm not sat with my laptop perched on my lap, writing about my love for fashion, I'm perusing local thrift stores, on my phone trying to outbid someone on eBay, or sitting in coffee shops laughing with my husband. You can find me lightly squeezing avocados in the local grocers, smelling candles or walking down bricked roads in heels just to hear the sound.

    I started blogging in 2011 to serve as a creative outlet for my angsty self, and it's become a daily/weekly/monthly occurrence, and I'm glad you've stopped by!