Layer to Make it Better

An outfit consisting of a yellow flounce short sleeve dress, black spaghetti strap dress over top, belted at the waist, with black caged open toe slide sandals.

Thrifted Yellow Dress
Thrifted Black Dress
Thrifted Sandals

Layering makes it seem like you know what you're doing. Layering is the number one consistent thing that I do in my outfits. I like to layer interest under plain, and I like to layer collars under collarless, and I like to put jackets, cardigans and shawls over complete outfits, and it just takes your outfit to the next level.

Of course, it is too hot to don any of the aforementioned outerwear, so I have to scratch the itch with just layering lightweight dresses, but hey, it works!

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Layer to Make it Better

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