Pinafore Layering

Black floppy hat, maroon red long sleeve tiered blouse layered under a black pinafore dress with black side buckle boots.

Thrifted Hat
Thrifted Blouse
Thrifted Pinafore
Thrifted Boots

A fully thrifted outfit! Though most of my clothes are second hand, or ethically purchased, it's still a struggle to create outfits head to toe with completely thrifted items. I find that my city lacks stylish shoes and I can never find good shoes on Poshmark or Depop in my size that aren't expensive. Sorry, I'm not spending $45 on the shoes you bought from a "boutique" that buys from China for way less than that. I am definitely trying, though!

I didn't thrift these all together, of course, I've collected these over the years. The pinafore is the newest, with me snatching it off the rack last year. The blouse is fairly new, too, but the hat and shoes I have had forever.

This outfit screams fall. It screams hot apple cider in the apple orchard, which I'm happy to announce my husband and I will do this fall! We've never been apple picking, and my husband is a connoisseur of apples, so it's going to be a lot of fun. I probably won't wear this there, though.

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Pinafore Layering

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