An outfit consisting of an oversized black floppy hat, a patterned warm tone neck scarf, a rust red long three tiered sleeve blouse tucked into a burnt orange button down midi skirt with black chelsea boots.

Thrifted Hat
Thrifted Blouse
Thrifted Skirt
Old Chelsea Boots

Warm colors go with warm colors, it's the fashion law. I just had to pair this favorite blouse of mine with this favorite skirt of mine, and don't you know? It's perfect.

Look at that puffy face! Your girl needs to actually try to recover, instead of needless pushing herself at work and on the internet. I have a hard time accepting that I myself need to take a step back, and I always push myself way more than I need to for my own personal satisfaction. So, I'm taking a very small hiatus while my mouth heals. I'll be back very soon!

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