Peek a Boo

An outfit consisting of a wide brim floppy fedora, 3/4 sleeve black maxi dress, knotted at the bottom, mustard yellow tights and black boots.

Thrifted Hat
Old Dress
Old H&M Tights
Thrifted Boots

"I want to wear more colorful tights", I say every fall. I have recently fallen in love with the style of Blair Eadie, and she wears so many colorful tights in the most magical of ways, and I'm in awe always.

It's hard to wear colorful tights and not look like a) a child or b) like we're stuck in 2011 fashion. For now, I'll play peek a boo with a little color in my legs, and maybe get the courage to wear colorful tights properly.

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Peek a Boo

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