Blanket Scarf Affair

An outfit consisting of a wide brim brown hat, cream crew neck sweater tucked into a black button up short skirt, cream, green, yellow and red blanket scarf folded and warn as a shawl over top with black tights and brown ankle boots.

Old Hat
Old Blanket Scarf
Old Sweater
Old Skirt
Old Shoes

Do you remember when blanket scarves hit the mainstream years go and we all piled this HUGE scarves around our necks like we weren't being engulfed? Yeah, well, I never gave up on them. I still love them even if they are overly large and a bit cumbersome. I think they're pretty perfect for fall, a they aren't so heavy as traditional cold weather scarves are, and they are kind of versatile. Of you fold them in a triangle, they're a shawl, as seen here.

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Blanket Scarf Affair

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