Fall is Over

An outfit consisting of a wide white ruffled peter pan collar with a navy blue ribbon tied underneath it, a black sweater tucked into blue silver pleated midi skirt, a red beret and red coat with black Chelsea boots.

Thrifted Beret
Thrifted Coat
Magnus Company Co Collar
Thrifted Skirt
Old Chelsea Boots
Happy Monday!

I think the 5" of snow currently sitting, untouched, outside and the incoming extra 4" that's expected tonight make it very clear: fall is over.

I think fall ended when the leaves all fell off because of a windstorm. Or, when December arrived and the chill felt more like Christmas than the crispness of fall. Or, maybe it was when I started thinking more of the new year and less about the end of this one.

I don't usually think of this skirt as being holiday, though it was clearly fitted for it with the pleats and the color. I usually wear it when I'm headed to the office, with a neutral blouse and the normal business casual look, but paired with navy and red, it's a holiday masterpiece! I wanted to keep the outfit casually cute and layered, so I put my favorite collar under a black sweater and tucked it into the skirt, and then tied a navy bow under the collar in a bow for a cute touch. Then, as it is going to snow, I added a pop of color with a red coat and a red beret to match.

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Fall is Over

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