Human Tree Skirt

An outfit consisting of a black beret, a white frilled Peter Pan collar under a red sweater, tucked into a black pleated knee length skirt, black ankle boots, and a red plaid shawl over top.

Old Beret
Old Modcloth Shawl
Magnus Clothing Co Collar
Thrifted Scarf
Old Torrid Skirt
Ankle Boots

There isn't any red on our tree, so I'm compensating in my outfits. I'm a human tree skirt.

Now, don't get me wrong, our tree could have red, and it did have red, but, we wanted to change up our tree and went with a silver, gold, silver and green theme, which makes for both a gorgeous tree and also an unintentionally mature tree, which was unexpected for us!

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Human Tree Skirt

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