Panoramic Girl

An outfit consisting of a red beret, navy blouse layered under a red skirt with a white ribbon tied into a bow under the collar, tucked into a red, blue and white plaid skirt and black Chelsea boots.

Thrifted Beret
Thrifted Blouse
Thrifted Sweater
Secondhand Skirt
Old Chelsea Boots

If you were wondering, I'm definitely still compensating for the lack of red on the tree by dressing like a tree skirt. It's a good life.

So, yeah, I'm still totally and irrevocably in love with this plaid skirt and you will see all winter, especially leading up to Christmas. It's perfect! I added navy blouse under the red sweater, and tucked into the plaid skirt, and ted a white ribbon for some cute visual interest. I then added my red beret for coordination, and the outfit is complete! It's a great outfit for festive last minute shopping, which is definitely what's on the agenda.

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Panoramic Girl

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