Worth Extra

An outfit consisting of a red beret, grey, dark grey, white and red plaid poncho with a brown faux fur collar over a red sweater tucked into a silver blue pleated midi skirt and black ankle boots.

Thrifted Beret
Old Ponhco
Thrifted Sweater
Thrifted Skirt
Ankle Boots

My husband and I went out for lunch and he looked me up and down at the restaurant and called me extra, which I cannot tell if is a good thing or a bad thing. There is nothing wrong with being a little extra, is there?

I love when I wear this poncho because it's so large and warm and dramatic, which is right up my alley. It is a poncho, regardless of how I choose to wear it, but it does lean on the side of it being a cape when I wear it without sticking my arms through the designated arm area, which is probably why my husband called me extra. I knew I wanted to wear this poncho today, so I wanted to coordinate with a red sweater and silvery blue grey skirt to match the poncho, and with the addition of my red beret, it's a matchy matchy outfit that I just really really love!

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Worth Extra

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