Animal Print and Yellow

An outfit consisting of a black wide brim hat, an animal print blouse with an attached black ribbon tied into a bow, tucked into a yellow button down skirt and black Chelsea boots.

Old Hat
Thrifted Top
Thrifted Skirt
Old Shoes

I'm donning a sunny yellow skirt for a not so sunny day!

When I bought this skirt a few months ago on Poshmark, I wondered why it was modeled so weirdly by the seller, and then I tried it on and realized why: the lining was way too small for the size of the skirt. I'm talking about 4 sizes too small. So, I did what anyone else would do when you can't return something--I altered it! I cut the lining out and magically, it was much more comfortable and wearable. I'm not too good to alter secondhand items if it means I can keep them out of the garbage!

I think there is some hyperbole when people talk about fast fashion and it's durability and life. I, like many others, used to only shop fast fashion, and I still have clothing from back then that I've worn dozens of times that has not worn out, and I'm not particularly gentle on my clothing. This skirt is originally from the A New Day line fro Target, and per it's DPCI, it's from 2018, so it's not too old. But, it's secondhand fast fashion, and the mindset is that it's not going to last a long time, which isn't necessarily true. People will write off a thread being loose as the item falling apart, and instead of trimming the thread, they completely disregard the work that went into making the item, especially since it was probably not created sustainably or ethically. I think there is a difference between an item legitimately being tattered and unwearable and an item that needs some adjusting. We cannot all buy first hand ethical, sustainable items, and there is definitely a divide between thrifty people who are trying to be more ethical and sustainable, and those who buy everything first hand.

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Animal Print and Yellow

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