An outfit consisting of a pastel pink beret, a light pink three tier semi sheer blouse under a black sleeveless knee length dress with a pastel pink lace scarf tied around the neck in a bow and muted pink pointed toe mules.

Thrifted Hat
Thrifted Top
Thrifted Dress
Thrifted Shoes

Shout out to the widest part of my body: my lovehandles.

I'm told that I should hide them with items that graze over them, and it's true that I do usually do that, as I'm partial to an A-line skirt, but, here I am, not hiding them. Honestly, I'm terrified when I wear things that show those curves because, sometimes, I don't like myself.

It took me years to get used to the body I had to find myself in, and it took even more years for me to like it, but, I'm entitled to not like it sometimes, you know? But, sometimes I do, and this is one of those times.

Recently I saw an old street style photo of Elle Fanning in a Victorian style blouse and black velvet sleeveless dress, and I knew I could somewhat replicate that look! I like the sleeves of this new to me but secondhand blouse, and I knew that it was exactly the semi-sheer blouse that I needed for the look. The sleeves, you guys, THE SLEEVES.

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