Pink Skirt Love

An outfit consisting of a brown panama hat, an animal print blouse tucked into a muted pink button down midi skirt and muted pink pointed mules.

Old Target Hat
Thrifted Top
Thrifted Skirt
Thrifted Shoes

It's Sunday, and it's a very somber Sunday. With the pandemic still roaring, and the tragic killing of George Floyd, it doesn't at all seem like a normal Sunday, and, it shouldn't be.

It's rare that I am public about how I feel about the things that happen in the real world, but I should note that I am not a complacent ally to the Black Lives Matter movement. I am an active proponent for reform of all kinds, including police, and I have been for nearly a decade. This tragic death is another senseless killing of a black person and it has come to a boiling point.

It doesn't seem right to talk about fashion, but it also don't seem right to not talk about it. Fashion has always been political, and it's our job to make sure people know what is going on.

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Pink Skirt Love

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