Little Leopard Print

An outfit consisting of a straw boater hat, a white off the shoulder blouse with bell sleeves tucked into a brown leopard midi skirt and brown slide sandals.

Old Hat
Old Top
Old Scarf as Skirt
Old Sandals

Summer has arrived and so have the high temperatures and the blazing sun. This skirt is not a skirt, it's a scarf tied and belted to look like a skirt, which is both super functional by extending the life of a seasonal item like a scarf, and it's lightweight, meaning it breathes and I'm not sweaty. Win-win, as far as I am concerned.

Brown is a summer color. I think it's an all season color, actually, like pink and yellow are for me, but, I have to officially declare it as so. Brown is such a great grounding color for an outfit and it's also wonderful as the main color! I styled this scarf skirt with an off the shoulder white blouse and added a straw hat and basic brown slide sandals to keep it light and keep the brown as the highlight. Brown is a summer color.

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Little Leopard Print

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