An outfit consisting of a yellow long sleeve microfloral print off the shoulder blouse tucked into a muted pink button down midi skirt and pink slide sandals.

Thrifted Top
Thrifted Skirt
Thrifted Shoes

I'm not going to lie, I have worn this outfit like 7 times already. It is so effortless and makes people think you know what you're doing when you're just being comfortable!

In my years of wearing clothing with more intention, I have noticed that people compliment you when you make no effort with your outfit. I don't go out seeking compliments with my outfits, don't get me wrong, but, overproduction of an outfit just usually ends up with people eyeing you, trying to decipher what you're wearing, which is a weird experience, especially as someone who is categorized as plus size.

Another day, another pink and yellow outfit. I said it yesterday, but, it's a combination I didn't expect liking as much as I truly do! 

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