Floral Robe

An outfit consisting of a yellow floral long sleeve robe with bell sleeves and ruffles at the hem belted over a white lace blouse tucked unto a pastel pink pleated skirt with pastel pink slide sandals.

Thrifted Robe
Thrifted Top
Thrifted Skirt
Thrifted Shoes

I've said this before, but, I wear hats and light layers to diffuse sunlight because I'm sensitive to the sun. I use SPF, too, but, the more protection, the better! That's why robes like this are good for me in the summer, because they aren't too hot to wear and they also offer sun protection. Minimal, of course, but, still.

I put the robe over a basic outfit of a lace blouse and a pink pleated skirt, and I belted the robe over the outfit. Talk about a colorful and magical summer outfit!

Floral Robe

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