Frilly Collar

An outfit consisting of a black wide brim floppy hat, a white frilly collar over a white blouse with flouncy short sleeves, under a black mock neck dress tucked under a pink midi skirt with rosettes and pink slide sandals.

Thrifted Hat
Magnus Collar Co Collar
Thrifted Blouse
Thrifted Dress
Thrifted Skirt
Thrifted Shoes

I remember reading this book as a kid, where the main character's teacher layered a lot of clothes so masterfully, and when being replicated by the character, they end up looking weird. I'm the teacher and the teacher at the same time. 

This collar is from Magnus on Instagram, and I cannot tell you how much I love their collars. This is my second one, and this one is lolita (the subculture) inspired, and I love the frills and the wide back and it gives me those ultra feminine vibes. I layered it over a white short sleeve blouse with interesting sleeves, and under a black mock dress, which I layered under a pleated skirt. It's not as hot as you think it would be for summer, since these layers are all very lightweight and breathable. It's just another example of my unnecessary layering.

Frilly Collar

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