Late July

An outfit consisting of a yellow bandanna tied around the neck, a white off the shoulder blouse with bell sleeves at the elbows tucked into a blue denim mini skirt with a yellow ribbon tied in a bow around the waist and white mules.

Old Top
Thrifted Skirt
Thrifted Shoes

I saw a bag of tortilla chips on an endcap at Target called "Late July" this week, and I was like, oh, how fitting. And, then, last night, someone was setting off fireworks in our neighborhood and I exclaimed to my husband, "It's late July--it's a bag of tortilla chips--why are they setting off fireworks?!"

I found it funny, at least.

Late July, as in the time of the month and not a brand of chips, reminds me of my childhood. It make me nostalgic for those bleary eyed summer days, where your eyes feel like they're sweating from the heat, and the harsh sunbeams that bounce of off any light surface that make it hard for you to see. It's the anxiousness of the school year approaching, but also the excitement of back to school shopping. It's staying up too late and watching the after hours TV you can't watch during the school year (Adult Swim, anyone?) and spending all day outside, from sun up to sundown. I just get nostalgic for late July.

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Late July

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