Off the Shoulder

An outfit consisting of a straw boater hat with a black satin ribbon tied under the chin, a white off the shoulder blouse with an angel sleeves at the elbow and ruffles at the collar tucked into a yellow pleated midi skirt and brown slide sandals.

Thrifted Hat
Old Top
Thrifted Skirt
Thrifted Shoes

Life is too short to not wear yellow!

Yellow is very obviously my favorite color--it's cheerful, bright and eye-catching, and it is truly great for all seasons. I used to struggle wearing it because, what goes with yellow? Well, come to find out, a whole lot does. My favorite combination as of late is pink and yellow, but, also, brown and all other neutrals, green, orange--the combinations are all pretty great!

In this outfit, I paired yellow with white and brown for a very neutral colored outfit with a big pop of yellow!
Off the Shoulder

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