Red Shirred Waist

An outfit consisting of a wide brim straw boater hat with a black satin ribbon tied under the chin a bow, a short sleeve red floral dress and black pointed toe slingback flats.

Thrifted Hat
Thrifted Dress
Thrifted Shoes

Red is my summer color, apparently, because the more I look at my wardrobe, the more I see red and I love it. Red easily transitions into fall and winter, and though this number is definitely a summer/late summer/early fall dress, it's still going to last a few seasons, and that itself is great. 

I live in the Midwest, which is known for having an array of seasons, sometimes in the same week, and having clothing that can easily go from a hot day to a chilly day is important to me, because, otherwise, I have to constantly dip back into my clothing storage to get heavier clothing or lighter clothing out, which is an annoying way to live. Admittedly, I do have things that are single season, but I try to layer them unnecessarily to create visual interest in an outfit that would otherwise be boring. 

This red dress is a recent pickup from Poshmark. I don't allow myself to buy clothes without first selling clothes, so, I sold some clothes on Posh and used the credit to buy this dress and some other things. My style has changed over the last year, so I'm slowly trying to incorporate my style of clothing into my wardrobe in a more ethical, affordable way. I want to show people that you can truly be stylish with secondhand clothes, and not be stylish because of secondhand clothes.

Red Shirred Waist

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