Square Neck

An outfit consisting of a black wide brim floppy hat, a white linen square neck blouse with bishop sleeves tucked into a red pleated midi skirt and red ankle boots.
Thrifted Hat
Thrifted Top
Thrifted Skirt
Thrifted Shoes

Square necks make me feel like a princess? I'm obviously not, but, I mean, maybe casually I can feel like one. I think it's because when I think of a princess, I think of exposed collarbones and a straight neck line, and a square neckline does that. And, the Duchess of Cambridge has worn a many dresses and blouses with a square neckline, so, I mean, I'm not too off with my thinking.

As cool as these shoes look, they're terrible quality. I got them secondhand, and it's clear why someone wanted to get rid of them. 0/10. They do look super cool, though!

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Square Neck

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