Gingham Dress

An outfit consisting of a straw sun hat with a black satin ribbon tied under the chin, a long balloon sleeve black and white gingham tiered midi dress, belted at the waist with a camel brown belt and camel brown slide sandals.

Old Hat
Thrifted Dress
Old Shoes

I found the gingham dress of my dreams, but it was an O R D E A L. To make a long story short, I bought it from a secondhand app I don't use often, and it was a dropshipper. I thought I was scammed for 2 weeks because the USPS number I was given was never scanned in, but, after a few weeks, it appeared in a bag from a wholesale website. So, you know, dropshipper. 

If I wanted to buy this dress from that site, I would have, but I bought it under the guise of it being secondhand. I'm still calling it secondhand, but, like, c'mon. 

This dress was bought for fall, but since it's a little too warm (ie it's hot as hell again), I styled it a little more for summer/late summer with light browns and sandals. 
Gingham Dress

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