Gingham Giddiness

An outfit consisting of a brown panama hat, a white and black gingham off the shoulder blouse with bell sleeves, tucked into a yellow pleated midi skirt and brown d'orsay flats.

Old Hat
Thrifted Top
Thrifted Skirt
Thrifted Shoes

I am so into plaid, as winter time Katie has shown you and that includes gingham! I used to own a cute gingham dress years ago, but, it disappeared when I moved one time, and I'm on the lookout for another one! This blouse is originally from Target, but I scored it on thredUP and oh my goodness, it is a gingham dream of mine. Off the shoulder, cool sleeves, and it's so perfect for summer and fall! I tucked it into a yellow pleated skirt for summer vibes and oh my gosh, I feel and look like a summer dream. 

For full transparency, I am a thredUP ambassador on Instagram, so I was offered a credit to buy an item or items on thredUP and create monthly posts.

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Gingham Giddiness

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