The End of Daily Outfits

I have posted 365 outfits 365 days in a row.

Well, almost.

On August 5th 2019, I did ChloinClothes (now ChloeAlysse)'s Color My Closet challenge on Instagram, where I posted 9 outfits in 9 days, and I realized I really liked doing that. So, officially on August 18th 2019, I started to post outfits daily. And, I liked it, a lot. I liked planning outfits and I liked that I could spend a few hours on a day taking photos and scheduling them for the week and that was all I had to do.

Over the year, I have taken a few days off here and there, for surgery, or for other reasons, but, ultimately, I have produced over 300 outfits in a year, and that is more than I have ever done in such a short period of time. 

And, I'm going to stop. On August 19th 2020, today I'm going to stop posting daily on Instagram and, by association, stop posting daily here. I want to stop before it starts to take the joy out of outfits for me and becomes a burden. I'm still going to post, obviously, but just not daily.
The End of Daily Outfits

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