Hello, Fall

An outfit consisting of a red bow on top of the head, a long bishop sleeve tiered gingham midi dress belted with a black belt, and black chelsea boots.

Thrifted Dress
Thrifted Shoes

It's Autumn equinox, and like many other people out there, Fall is my favorite season. I can't tell you why--maybe it's the scents or the gradual coolness of the weather. Maybe it's the drizzle of rain and gray skies, the yellow and orange leaves, and the food, or, maybe even the holidays--but, regardless of the reasons, it's here and I could not be happier. 

I took the day off work (coincidentally, not just because it's the first day of fall, how strange would that be?!) and my husband and I are planning to go to a local apple orchard and pick some apples. It's easy to social distance at a huge apple orchard with acres upon acres of apples. So, we'll likely be a-okay doing so. Plus, we'll be wearing masks, so, we'll be sure that anyone we do come in contact with won't be getting anything from us! 

As September crawls to an end, and the pandemic is still going strong, we have to find ways to make ourselves feel better. It's weird, I know, but, everyone is in a rough mental state, for good reason, and we're looking towards many more months of this. So, if apple picking at an orchard while social distancing and wearing masks makes me feel a little better in the head, than I'm going to do it. Plus, fresh apples!

Hello, Fall

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