Leather and Bows

An outfit consisting of a wide brim black fedora, a mustard yellow long sleeve silk blouse with an attached pussy bow, tucked into a black faux leather pleated midi skirt and black Chelsea boots.
Thrifted Hat
Thrifted Top
Thrifted Skirt
Thrifted Shoes

Silk and faux leather, bows and pleats, and yellow and black. Great combinations for fall.

Yellow, as I have proclaimed many a time, is my favorite color. Especially mustard, and so, this silk number I have had in my professional wardrobe for a year now, is the perfect blouse. It is the only silk shirt I own, and I was SO LUCKY that someone had it for sale on Depop for $15 because holy heck is it amazing. It has Gucci vibes but it's definitely not Gucci. I originally thought it was satin, but I looked at the tag, and nope, it's silk. So, I clearly don't know my weaves, textiles, and fabrics. 

I thrifted this skirt in mid summer because I knew that if I waited until late summer or early fall I would not find a pleated faux leather skirt for an affordable price secondhand, because demand. So, I got this for $10 on Poshmark, and I looked today just for fun, and I saw a similar one for $30 that has a lot of likes, so, I'm glad I bought ahead. I, as you have all seen so many times, am a fan of pleated midi skirts, so having a faux leather one in my cold weather wardrobe was only natural, and I will wear the ever loving life out of it.

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Leather and Bows

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