An outfit consisting of a cream Regency era inspired bishop sleeve blouse under a cognac brown midi dress and brown d'orsay flats

Thrifted Shoes

I saw this dress on someone on Pinterest and I legitimately could not stop thinking about it, because they looked so fantastic in it. I hadn't pinned it, and I had to go find it again, and reverse image search it to find the original user, and then I messaged them to ask where it was from and they kindly linked it. It was from SHEIN. I refrain from buying fast fashion because I prefer to give my money to individual people and sellers, especially now. I searched Depop, Poshmark, ThredUP, and eBay for secondhand brown leather a-line dresses to replicate this look without lining the pockets of a fast fashion site. I searched for, no lie, a week, and found nothing that would actually fit me and my measurements. I then thought for a few days if I should buy this dress. You can tell that I did, eventually, buy it.

This will be my last purchase from SHEIN, as I recently learned they sold a Muslim prayer mat as a decorative item, and were accused of selling a swastika necklace, albeit, it was a Buddhist swastika, but, those gaffs do not go unnoticed. I rarely shopped there in the first place but, I won't again. 

That being said, this outfit is an absolute dream, and I'm into it.


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