Reclaiming Pink

An outfit consisting of a pastel pink beret, a rose gold pink suede moto jacket draped over the shoulders, a pink and black paisley peter pan collared dress worn as a top, tucked into a pleated black faux leather midi skirt and muted pink pointed toe mules.

Thrifted Beret
Old Dress as Top
Thrifted Skirt
Thrifted Shoes

I told you guys I was going to reclaim pink as an autumn color and I definiteyl feel like I'm doing a good job with this outfit!

I love the mix of pink tones and how contrasting the black is against it. The black of the dress, worn as a top in a classic Katie way, and the black of the skirt sort of ground the pink and make it much more autumnal. The shiny faux leather next to the paisley and suede look so good and the wool beret adds more texture in a subtle way to all in all, make a pink fall outfit!

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Reclaiming Pink

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