Shades of Brown

An outfit consisting of a dark brown turtleneck sweater half tucked into a pleated animal print midi skirt and brown ankle boots.

Thrifted Sweater
Thrifted Skirt
Thrifted Shoes

Tis the season for browns! And, you know how I love a good brown 'fit.

I recently got new glasses, you would have seen the other pair here, and I'm glad that I finally got a new prescription. Don't be me, don't forgo your eye health for 9 years and wear the same prescription until you legitimately cannot see anymore. It's a trip to be able to see clearly again, and just how often I used to squint. My eyes are still getting used to them and man, they're tired. 

How good is this sweater?! It's soft, warm, and I love the shape of it. It's a great fall sweater, being that it is brown, and I've worn it probably a dozen times before it being featured here.

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Shades of Brown

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