Christmas Eve

An outfit consisting of a red cape with a bow tie closure over a black satin notch collar pajama style blouse with a cream, yellow and red floral print tucked into a blackfaux leather pleated midi skirt, sheer black tights and red suede Mary Jane heels.

Thrifted Cape
Target Blouse
Thrifted Skirt
Thrifted Shoes

Happy Christmas Eve if you celebrate it, and happy Thursday if you don't! 

This cape is one of my recent endeavors into Depop. I've shopped there multiple times, of course, but, I've been burned a little while doing so. From dropshippers to people who don't ship at all, it's been a ride. But, sometimes you're looking for a certain thing and you have to cross your fingers (and toes) and hope the seller is a good one. 

The blouse under the cape is actually a pajama top from a set from Target. I bought it because I like the print and it's a lightweight satin that's great for layering and all seasons. I also like the pajama lapels and it's so subtle but so chic on this blouse. I tucked it into a black faux leather midi skirt for an edgier, more cool girl outfit, and finished the look off with fleece lined tights--it is winter, after all--and these darling red suede Mary Jane heels. I ALMOST got a similar pair on Poshmark but it sold while I was asleep and these popped up on the market immediately after and I snagged them. They're very Keiko Lynn, who is one of my favorite bloggers, so, I appreciate the vibes.

Here's a to a safe, socially distances, stay-at-home Christmas!

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Christmas Eve

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