Red Coat Season

An outfit consisting of a black beret, a red peacoat draped over the shoulders, a black on white striped turtleneck tucked into a black pleated mini skirt with sheer black rights and black chelsea boots.

Thrifted Hat
Thrifted Red Coat
Thrifted Turtleneck Sweater
Old Skirt
Thrifted Boots

While everyone else wears their black peacoats and puffer coats, I wear red because it's the season of red, and I refuse to not wear it!

This coat is old, like, one of my first thrifted finds, old. But, it is a goodie! It's sufficiently warm and roomy, which is a necessity in the winter. It's not great for a mid-winter cold, but, thankfully, it isn't quite that frigid yet. 

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Red Coat Season

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