Misplaced Princess

An outfit consisting of a pearl adorned pastel pink knot headband, a steel blue angel sleeve bardot blouse tucked into a pastel pink, yellow and blue tulle and organza midi A-line skirt and pastel pink suede heeled clogs.

Thrifted Blouse
Old Atlantic-Pacific x Halogen Skirt
Thrifted Shoes

I'm really into royaltycore, even if I don't buy the GORGEOUS Lirika or Tueta Motoshi dresses to live it out. I live for the dramatic escapism of the style! I saw an ad for Selkie, who makes those cute puffy cloud dresses, and it was basically like, "Life is short, no one is going to remember what you wore, wear the dress" and that's how I feel. I'm not at all what someone would consider a dramatic dresser, but where I live, it's not a fashion city and it's hard to wear "outlandish" things. 

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Misplaced Princess

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