Pink and Coral

An outfit consisting of a pastel pink shirred three tiered off the shoulder blouse tucked into a coral pink pleated midi skirt and pastel pink heeled clogs.

Thrifted Top
Thrifted Skirt
Thrifted Shoes

It's June?? How! May went by so incredibly fast that it's almost impossible to think we're already in month 6 of 12! 

Let's talk about pastel pink and coral because that's not a combo I would have put together. I thrifted this Halogen skirt for a whipping $8 in October and it originally retails for $80. Excuse me?? Coral is such a vibrant color and I love how it plays with this pink, and though coral isn't my fave color, it's going to be so good this summer with all of my pinks and yellows. Talk about a good find! This top is thrifted, too, and I got it from the same seller who sold me the yellow version of it and it's gorgeous.

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Pink and Coral

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