Sound of Summer

An outfit consisting of a rusty red headscarf, a goldenrod flounce midi dress, and brown footbed sandals.

Thrifted Headscarf
Thrifted Dress
Target Shoes

It's Saturday and I just wanna chill. Literally, it's hot. 

Jokes aside, this is a pretty cool and casual outfit. It's simply just a dress+shoes outfit formula, but with the addition of some stacked necklaces and a fun headscarf in the same color family as the dress, it's a little more interesting. The dress is a gorgeous goldenrod which you know is my favorite color, and it's an oldie but goodie thrifted piece. I added some brown accents with the Target footbed sandals and thrifted belt, and then for some balance on the head, I didn't want to do a hat, so I grabbed a thrifted vintage scarf and tied it as a turban around my head for some visual interest. 

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Sound of Summer

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