The Roar of Cicadas

An outfit consisting of a brown wide brim floppy hat, a red with graphic cream abstract florals print midi dress and cognac brown footbed sandals.

Thrifted Hat
Thrifted Dress
Target Shoes

Summer is not summer without the unbelievably loud cicadas just screaming outside. It comes in roars and I haven't known a summer without them. I wonder what a quiet summer sounds like?

The return of this dress is here! It's one of my favorite casual (casual probably means something different to me than you) dresses because it's breezy and lightweight and just fun. The print is like some 90s cream floral and it's button down and it just reminds me of dresses we'd see in the 90s. I'm not that into retro trends, but I like this dress enough to wear it a lot. It's secondhand and it's getting a lot of love from me! I added some brown accents like this thrifted hat and belt, as well as these super casual footbed sandals. They're from Target and they're super comfy and I think they kinda tie into the 90sish look of the dress. I didn't think I'd be a Birkenstocks person but here I am.

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The Roar of Cicadas

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