Green Leather

An outfit consisting of a dark brown floppy hat, a rust red mockneck blouse with tri tiered bell sleeves tucked into a forest green faux leather midi skirt and rust red mules.

Thrifted Hat
Thrifted Top
Thrifted Skirt
Thrifted Shoes

Fall means leather. I mean, all seasons mean leather for me, but, it's most comfortable in this transitional season. This faux leather beaut is a few months old pick up from ThredUP, and it's green, which is a color I don't wear all that often. I am a lover of warm tones and pink, and though pink and green are a definite combo, I just struggle with green on me. I fear combining it with reds and oranges because it invokes the feeling of the Holidays, even though red and green are a striking combination. But, I defied my ideology and gave into my reddish color with the green skirt! And, I don't hate it!

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Green Leather

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