The Emergence of Pants

An outfit consisting of a pastel pink oversized ruffled Peter Pan collar with bishop sleeves tucked into a camel brown and black leopard print high waisted paper bag pants, with pastel pink velvet ankle boots.

Thrifted top, originally SHEIN
Thrifted pants, brand unknown
Thrifted boots, originally Zara

Pants aren't seen here often, especially non-jean pants. I'm not a pants person, simple as that. But, sometimes, I make an exception, and that exception is when I think they're cute. 

I recently discovered I'm not a pear shaped person, and that kind of rocked my world. I bought these when I thought I was, and lo and behold, I am not. Thankfully, they still look good, and they were only $4 on Posh, so it's not like I spent a lot, but imagine if they had looked bad and I blamed myself! Remember, you're not meant to fit cloths, the clothes are meant to fit you.
The Emergence of Pants

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