All Black Outfits for Spring

All Black Outfits for Spring, an lookbook by Katie Selt for The Katie Edit

I am undoubtedly a colorful gal, I mean, look at my wardrobe rack behind me! But, I know not everyone is, and in an effort to get more inspired by my wardrobe, I thought, "let's have fun with the absence of color: black". Here are 3 all black outfits for Spring!

Little Leather

An outfit consisting of a black wide brim hat, a black drop shoulder with balloon sleeve high neck sweater, tucked into a black faux leather midi skirt and black Chelsea boots.
Thrifted sweater, thrifted skirt, thrifted boots
Leather is a Spring material, don't fight me on it! It's warm, it's textural and it's makes you look cool as hell. I paired the leather midi skirt with a balloon sleeve sweater for an interesting sleeve moment, added a hat for balance, and black Chelsea boots.

Terrific Tulle
An outfit consisting of a black wide brim hat, a black puffy sheer short sleeve blouse, tucked into a black tulle midi skirt and black suede midi boots.
Thrifted blouse, thrifted skirt, thrifted boots

Tulle, am I right? It's dramatic, I know, but, if you're going to go monochrome, go dramatic. The tulle skirt is reminiscent of a tutu, and the puff sleeves match the opacity layers of the tulle skirt, so it's very matchy matchy but also super balanced. The volume of the skirt is matched with the volume of the sleeves, and the rest of the outfit just supports the volume.
Veiled in Velvet

An outfit consisting of a black wide brim hat, a black long sleeve velvet bodysuit with silver embroidered stars and moons, tucked into a black velvet midi circle skirt and black suede midi boots.
Target bodysuit, thrifted skirt, thrifted boots

Velvet is sexy and soft. It's demure yet flirty. I'm a big fan! Both the celestial bodysuit and skirt are velvet, and the boots are suede, so they have a similar vibe. This is a witchy outfit, perfect for both the cool spring and the cool fall. This would be a hell of a cute closet witch Halloween costume!

All Black Outfits for Spring

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