An outfit consisting of a pastel pink v-neck sheer sleeve sweater tucked into a mustard yellow pleated midi skier and pink velvet boots.

Amazon Hat
Thrifted Top, original brand unknown
Thrifted Skirt, originally A New Day
Thrifted Shoes, originally Zara

There is just something luxurious and rich about velvet. It's a favorite of mine, especially in skirts, and this marigold, mustardy yellow, is so pleasing to the eye. I paired this lovely skirt with a pastel pink sheer sleeve sweater for a mix of texture and it's a chef's kiss. It's a fave for a reason. I always get a little sad when it's time to put away the velvet skirts when it gets too hot for them. Thankfully, that's only for a few months and, that won't be for a while now, so, I will get to wear my velvet for a few months longer.

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