Green and Pink

An outfit consisting of a dark green 3/4 sleeve scoop neck skater dress worn as a top with a pastel pink pleated midi skirt over, belted with a white belt, and muted pink mules

Thrifted Dress, worn as top, brand unknown
Thrifted Skirt, originally Torrid
Thrifted Shoes, A New Dat

I only wear this green dress, that I'm styling as a top here, during the winter holidays, but, at dark green is my color of 2022, I just had to pull it out of the reserves. It's still winter, even if for another few weeks, and velvet is a winter texture. Actually, to me, velvet is a 3 (maybe even 4) season texture. Much like how I spent 2021 making leather a 4 season fabric, maybe I should do that for velvet this year? Though, the idea of velvet in the heat of the summer doesn't sound so nice.

Green and Pink

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