March Leather

An outfit consisting of a black balloon sleeve sweater over a camel brown short sleeve faux leather -line dress worn as a skirt, with black sheer tights and black Chelsea boots.

Thrifted Hat, original brand unknown
Thrifted Sweater, original brand unknown
Old Who What Wear for Target Dress worn as top
Thrifted Shoes, originally Target

It's the return of the "what color is this dress?" dress! We talked about this a lot in the fall on Instagram, and we came to the conclusion that it's probably a caramel brown, but, in certain lights, it's olive. It's greeny brown, and it's unique and cool. 

I have the philosophy that brown is just as much of a Spring color as yellow or pink is, and so, I refuse to not wear it right now. I do admit this is more of a Fall outfit, but, Fall and Spring (even if we are a few weeks away from the actual beginning of Spring) are the same season, it's just that one introduces winter and the other introduces summer. Granted, the leaves falling and flowers blooming are different, but, for a good portion there, you have the same weather--rain, cold temperatures, sometimes even snow--and you can dress the same. If you want to.

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March Leather

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