March Maiden

An outfit consisting of a white high neck long sleeve blouse with ruffle hem at the sleeves with a pink, green, brown, and blue floral tapestry corset over with a rose pink pleated midi skirt and muted pink mules.

Thrifted Hat, BRAND
Target Corset 
Thrifted Top, originally ModCloth
Thrifted Skirt, originally Kate Kasin
Thrifted Shoes, originally A New Day

Happy March!

I'm very very late to the corset trend, but I'm honestly in love. I love it. I love the layering, the cinching, the shape it gives me--it's amazing. I may be late to it, but I'm definitely going to be incorporating them in more!

This pink skirt is probably the most comfortable skirt I've ever owned, and that's the unexpected things I love to thrift. So many unexpected treasures!

March Maiden

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