March Rainbows

An outfit consisting of a bright pink turtleneck sweater tucked into a pastel pink, light blue and light yellow striped tulle midi skirt and pink heeled clogs.

Thrifted Sweater, originally A New Day
Old Atlantic Pacific x Halogen Skirt
Thrifted Shoes, originally Zara

I am unapologetically pink today. I love it.

The bright neon pink turtleneck has found it's match with the bright striped organza skirt. The tulle petticoat actually matches the sweater almost perfectly, which was an accident, but one I will gladly take credit for. What a look.

It's so cool to see my evolution of colors over the years, as I went from 2020's year of (mustard) yellow and 2021's year of (pastel) pink. 2021 has some of my most favorite outfits I have ever worn, and I fell in absolute love with pastel pink. I wore it prior to 2021, of course, but, when I focused on buying clothing in pink, it made me realize how powerful the color was. And, from there, I've extended a hand to electric pink, something I didn't think I would do. 

Like many women out there, I have a complicated history with pink. I grew up wanting to be a tomboy, and I wanted to hate everything feminine and girly. I didn't want to be like other girls, I wanted to be like the boys. Because, I wanted the boys to like me. Turns out, boys liked me for different reasons outside of me "not being like the other girls". When I realized how disingenuous I was being to myself, and I started to embrace my femininity, I started liking colors more. Granted, I have gone through the boring all black phases in fashion. I made 2021 my year of pastel pink because I knew how well it would go with the mustard yellow I had in my wardrobe already from the 2020 challenge to myself, and I was right, it's the perfect combination. I have gone from hating pink to loving pink and yeah, I'm unapologetically pink.

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March Rainbows

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