Paint the Town Pink

An outfit consisting of a camel brown wide brim hat, pastel pink Peter Pan collar blouse tucked into a tan, brown and black animal print pleated midi skirt and black Chelsea boots

Thrifted Hat, original brand unknown
Thrifted Top, originally SHEIN
Thrifted Skirt, originally A New Day
Thrifted Shoes, originally Target

Animal print--love it or hate it?

I used to hate it, because I grew up thinking it was gaudy. And, in a way, it can be, but at the same time, animal print is so classic. I like how versatile it is. Plus, I do like a little gaudy look here or there.

I'm going to wear this blouse with everything, so I'm sorry in advance if you get sick of it. I like the collar, okay?!

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Paint the Town Pink

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