Parade Friends

Parade Friends, a post by Katie Selt for The Katie Edit

I'm the queen of comfort. The casual princess. 

Okay, so that's a lie, because I rarely, if ever, go out in what would be deemed casual, but as this pandemic rages on, and how home life has changed into more of a hybrid of a home, a work and entertainment venue, I've been seen more at home in, dare I say, casual clothes. I was recently invited to become a Parade Friend--an affiliate with Parade--and I had to take them up on the offer, as, let's be real, my casual clothing game is weak and I'd like to be cute at home. Parade is a size inclusive and sustainable underwear and apparel company who has been featured in Refinery 29, Teen Vogue and Glamour.

I don't affiliate myself with unsustainable brands anymore, which is why you don't see me do many affiliated posts on Instagram or even on the blog anymore, so I'm happy to say that Parade is sustainable, and has an actionable plan to be climate positive by 2025. I also like how they specifically put blame and responsibility of sustainability on themselves as a business, and not the consumers, as it's businesses and corporations that need to the most work when it comes to sustainability. Parade uses factories that pay their workers livable wages, they use recycled materials, they only release a certain number of products to cut down on waste, and they recycle your underwear, even if it's not from Parade. When choosing the items I wanted to receive as a Parade Friend, I chose items in the Cozy Waffle knit fabric, as it's made from recycled nylon. As seen from Parade's Sustainability page"

"Cozy Waffle is made from reclaimed nylon scraps and responsibly-sourced viscose turned into our coziest fabric ever. Our viscose is FSC-certified, which means that it meets the highest standards and provides environmental and social benefits including protecting natural forests and a focus on long-term, beneficial relationships with the local communities. OEKO-TEX certified, certified recycled, FSC-certified."

An outfit consisting of a black faux leather moto jacket draped over the shoulders, a black waffle kit crop camisole tank top and a black with yellow center daisy pattern on white midi skirt and white mules.

Parade Crop Tank, thrifted skirt, thrifted mules

This waffle Crop Tank is so soft and not sheer at at all, so no bra is needed to wear it, however, for disclosure, I am wearing one here. I love how comfortable it is, and that you're not giving up style to be casual. Though it's undeniably lounge wear, I wanted to share how I could wear it out and about if I wanted to (which you totally can!)

Parade Friends, a post by Katie Selt for The Katie Edit www.thekatieedit.comParade Friends, a post by Katie Selt for The Katie Edit

Parade Crop Tank, Parade Easy Shorts, both courtesy of Parade

These pink waffle Easy Shorts are darling and equally as comfortable, and though I'd never wear these out of the house, they are so cute with the top, but also with a big shirt! I am a fan of the big shirt little short combination.

Disclosure: This post is not paid for or commissioned by Parade. Though these items were gifted to me, as a Parade Friend, this post was not required by Parade. I just wanted to share my thoughts!

You can use code thekatieedition for 20% off all Parade orders!

Parade Friends

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